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the act or process of zombifying.

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  • prozac zombification i tried fluoxetine several months ago but only lasted a few days on it. the zombification effect was too intense to handle. i have recently been prescribed fluoxetine again so i have been using for about a week now and seem to notice the same effects as my previous experience: zombie feeling, loss of motivation and concentration and memory, and a desire to sleep all the time or just sort of stare off into space in what i call a prozac haze. everydayhealth.com

  • zombification symptoms may include a shambling gait, tendency to moan, loss of dexterity and prior personality traits, and the eventual rotting of flesh, she added, showing no hint that any of this is a joke. "in rare cases zombies may be highly intelligent, self-aware, and lacking in the typical tendencies to bite and eat flesh." medpagetoday.com