zombified Definitions


having been made into a zombie, or induced to behave in a zombie-like fashion.



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  • haha, we started collecting some supplies al ready, if there is a zombie apocalypse. the un zombified peoples real chance of survival depends on what kind of zombies they are, will they be able to think independently? or will they be brain dead veggies? with they literally be walking dead, therefore having natural enemies like the cold, bugs, and animals? or will they be humans with sickly skin and just cannibalistic,humans being able to spot hidden doors in the floor and work out problems? stuff like that.. cdc.gov

  • the lack of sleep caused me to stress about how i was going to perform at school or work the following day, which only kept me awake longer. eventually i’d pass out just as the sun was peeking through my curtains, then wake up and be forced to stumble through my day in a zombified state. i'd get a good night’s sleep as a result of exhaustion every once in a while. but then the process would just start all over again. everydayhealth.com

  • this evening my dad was taken into hospital because he was showing signs of a mini stroke. he was driving along in his car all normal one minute and the next he went all weird and started driving off course on into the other side of the road with oncoming traffic. luckily my mum was with him in the passenger seat. she asked what he was doing and he didn’t respond, she said it was like he just froze and looked zombified. luckily she managed to take hold of the steering wheel to stop the vehicle. medicinenet.com