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  • has worked wonderfully for me over the last 3 months. i am a 36 yo athletic female. was prescribed 10mg for anxiety, mild depression and irritability. minimal side effect of a slight headache the first few days of use but started feeling less stressed by the middle of week 2 without any other side effects. overall, i have to say i am very happy. i feel like i have my emotions back on track and can much better handle the stresses in my life. i feel more calm and patient and less "snappy". also not constantly irritated or edgy feeling. by no means lessens my emotions, "zombifies" or makes me feel out of it...rather, i feel like i'm in much better control of myself (emotions/reactions), and happy because my anxiety has finally slowed down and i can view life and challenges from a new perspective. everydayhealth.com

  • there are also ethical issues that go along with treating zombification, all the way up to whether it ever becomes necessary to destroy the patient, she pointed out. "it's difficult because there are different types of zombie outbreaks; with some of it the incubation period is non-existent and the person gets bitten and zombifies without an extended illness." medpagetoday.com