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roughly longitude (east to west, or west to east)

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  • on germany, ore anticipated that stalin would use subversive tactics to try to create a unified german state from the occupied ruins of the third reich: "a german administration strongly centralized in berlin will be much more susceptible than a loose federation to soviet pressures. . . . posing thus as the champions of german nationalism and rehabilitation, the soviets can attempt to discredit the policy of the western powers and to facilitate the communist penetration of their zones."(78) the analysts warned that the removal of zonal barriers would place the soviets in a "position to launch a vigorous campaign to communize the western zone. . . ."(79) cia.gov

  • under the 1947 peace treaty, minor adjustments were made in italy's frontier with france, the eastern border area was transferred to yugoslavia, and the area around the city of trieste was designated a free territory. in 1954, the free territory, which had remained under the administration of u.s.-u.k. forces (zone a, including the city of trieste) and yugoslav forces (zone b), was divided between italy and yugoslavia, principally along the zonal boundary. this arrangement was made permanent by the italian-yugoslav treaty of osimo, ratified in 1977 (currently being discussed by italy, slovenia, and croatia). under the 1947 peace treaty, italy relinquished its overseas territories and certain mediterranean islands. factmonster.com

  • measurements of the venusian atmosphere and its cloud patterns reveal nearly constant high-speed zonal winds, about 220 mph (100 meters per second) at the equator. the winds decrease toward the poles so that the atmosphere at cloud-top level rotates almost like a solid body. the wind speeds at the equator correspond to venus's rotation period of four to five days at most latitudes. the circulation is always in the same direction—east to west—as venus's slow retrograde motion. earth's winds blow from west to east, the same direction as its rotation. infoplease.com

  • it was discovered that i had a large tumor on my left kidney. i underwent open renal surgery. the doctor was unable to remove the tumor and had to remove the entire kidney. i was told that 3% of the cells studied were lymphoma cells. initially it was thought that i had waldenstrom but after many tests learned that i had multi-zonal mantel cell b lymphoma. i am now in the maintenance phase of the treatment. currently i am feeling fine but experienced a severe skin reaction after the 1st maintenance dose of rituxan in july. it is now september and that issue has not been resolved so far the only thing that has helped is prednisone which has caused other side effects such as lack of sleep, mood changes and weight gain. medicinenet.com