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the jungle.

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  • interacting with animals is its own reward for many workers in these occupations. zoo veterinarian lauren howard of houston, texas, says that the opportunity to have a positive impact on animals makes her job even more gratifying. “at the zoo, i’m involved in special research with endangered toads that has the chance to save an entire species from extinction,” she says. bls.gov

  • intelligence officers must receive more feedback from the national security environment. the only way to learn from and adapt to the changing national security environment is to be in constant receipt of feedback from that environment. just as zoo-raised animals cannot compete in the wild, intelligence officers cloistered in the intelligence community are not adapted to or fitted for the national security environment. cia.gov

  • animals haven’t gotten the memo on self-isolating during the coronavirus pandemic. both the san diego zoo in california and the houston zoo in texas are among several across the country with live feeds. if you’d rather see them in the wild, the golden gate audubon society sponsors an osprey cam, or you can view nearly 100 other live streams at explore. and the national wildlife federation’s new nature guides will teach you everything you wanted to know about plants and wildlife that you will one day see in person. everydayhealth.com

  • in general, our advice would be to look at the sign or plaque in the zoo where you see the animal in question. if you see either and you're not in the zoo, you will probably want to run very quickly in the opposite direction and worry about its species later. factmonster.com

  • ms. goss: i said it in regards to our digital certificate, and i should give lili koch(?) and my team the credit for that because who’s who in the zoo is a favorite phrase that we have been using in regards to a public key infrastructure and whether it was called an authoritative participant’s services directory. in a health information exchange world, you know who is asking you for stuff, who that person is, in what context they fit in to a larger scheme of things and the services that they have. if you do not know who’s who in the zoo, you do not know how to manage your indices and support query-based exchange of clinical information for patient outcomes. hhs.gov

  • the columbus zoo and aquarium in delaware county, ohio hold the largest number of species on this list. the director of the zoo jack hanna played a big part in making the zoo as humane as it is today. part of the zoo’s mission is to conserve wildlife and to stay sustainable. infoplease.com

  • we bought a zoo db76707 7 hours 52 minutes by benjamin mee read by jack fox english journalist relates his extended family’s 2005 purchase of a rundown zoo that housed more than two hundred wild animals. discusses his mother, siblings, and two children assisting in the restoration of the animal sanctuary as his wife suffered from the reoccurrence of a brain tumor. movie tie-in. 2008. loc.gov

  • this is not the first time that an outbreak of e. coli has occurred from visiting a petting zoo. in 2001, 16 children who had visited a petting zoo at merrymead farm in worcester, pa., developed e. coli and another 45 people were suspected to have become ill from the bacteria. medicinenet.com

  • when she suggested to one doctor that she might have a condition responsible for all her problems, he told her, "i'm not going to look for zebras if the zoo isn't in town"—meaning, why look for something unusual if nothing unusual is happening. he also suggested her problems were from the stress of caring for three young children and not eating enough. medlineplus.gov

  • eric baitchman, dvm, vice president of animal health at zoo new england (which includes franklin park zoo and stone zoo), leads the one health clinical elective and said the collaboration with harvard is a perfect marriage. most diseases and clinical signs presenting in the animal patients can be found in humans, and each case requires students to draw on what they have learned in the past 4 years. medpagetoday.com

  • we may not have been able to be at the zoo physically practicing skills like performing visual exams, anesthesia, diagnostic tests, and treatment on live animals, but i think we were able to gain an insight into zoo medicine. i was able to get a glimpse into the world of zoo medicine and what it takes to be a zoo veterinarian. merckmanuals.com

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