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of, or relating to, zoology.

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  • us biologist, explorer, author, and inventor. an enthusiastic fossil collector from childhood, beebe was an explorer and naturalist who became curator of ornithology at new york zoological gardens in 1899. in 1915, he described a hypothetical ancestor to archaeopteryx, which he called tetrapteryx. he also proposed that the ornithomimosaur (bird mimic) dinosaurs, such as deinocheirus, ate insects. factmonster.com

  • an educational and cultural center, pretoria is the seat of the univ. of south africa (1873), the univ. of pretoria (founded 1908 as transvaal univ. college), and south africa's council for scientific and industrial research. the national zoological gardens and seven of the eight national museums that comprise the ditsong museums are also in the city. infoplease.com