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one who studies zoology.

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  • i’m a malacologist: a scientist who studies mollusks—animals like squids and octopuses, snails and slugs, and clams and mussels. specifically, i’m a research zoologist and curator of bivalvia (the class of mollusks with two shells joined by a ligament hinge) at the smithsonian’s national museum of natural history. i oversee the nation’s collection of bivalves, and i use those specimens to test hypotheses about bivalve evolution, ecology, and conservation. bls.gov

  • michelle vicari, a zoologist who has primary focal hyperhidrosis, says the condition caused her to "suffer on a daily basis" until she found relief with treatment. "in my professional life, i always [thought] 'they're not listening to me — they're focusing on my large sweat rings.' i would not go out with friends because i would be very uncomfortable. i'd never go into a [clothing] store without thinking, 'how badly will my sweat show up on this?'" worse yet, vicari believed that her excessive sweat was something she simply had to live with. "since it wasn't something i talked about even with close friends, i never thought to try to do anything about it. i had asked some of my doctors, and the response i got was always something like, 'you just need to learn to relax.'" everydayhealth.com

  • hamsters were living in relative obscurity until just 70 years ago, when a zoologist discovered a family of these rodents in the syrian desert. today, hamsters' friendly nature and adaptability have placed them among america's most popular small pets. to learn how to fulfill the special needs of these cuddly creatures, follow the suggestions below. factmonster.com

  • the 2004 movie kinsey starred liam neeson as alfred kinsey… in its 1956 obituary of alfred kinsey, the new york times said he died “of a heart ailment and pneumonia.” the paper further noted, “the zoologist had been in ill health for six months. he was admitted to bloomington hospital wednesday, but his condition had not been considered critical until last night.” infoplease.com

  • "if a human, for example, wanted to walk up a wall the way a gecko does, we'd need impractically large sticky feet -- our shoes would need to be a european size 145 or a us size 114," study senior author and zoologist walter federle said in a university news release. medicinenet.com

  • the first author of the dna-sequencing study, barbara muhlemann, a zoologist from the university of cambridge in the u.k., told the reading room that the estimate of the age of the hbv tree comes from a molecular dating analysis that calculates when the modern and ancient sequences last shared a common ancestor. medpagetoday.com