zoom Definitions


suggesting a sudden change, especially an improvement or an increase


videoconferencing software by zoom video communications.


an augmentation of a view


to communicate with someone using the zoom videoconferencing software.

to move very fast with a humming noise

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haul assscurryscreamblitzhastenbeltget a move onflyswap

Examples include zoom

  • anyone who has suffered identity theft or encountered a “zoom bomb” while participating in a web-based discussion, has experienced hacking at the personal level. in the hacker and the state georgetown university school of foreign service professor ben buchanan argues, with good reason, that hacks are also “a persistent part of geopolitical competition. they happen every day. . . . this is a new form of statecraft.”  but he is quick to point out that while hacking is a suitable tool for shaping elements of statecraft, it is in most cases “ill-suited for signaling a state’s position and intentions.” (3) examples of the latter include military mobilization, russian may day parades, sanctions, and summit talks. cia.gov

  • the surge in the use of zoom was accompanied by a spate of “zoom bombings,” resulting from public posting of zoom links for events. this trolling, common to all popular social media, can be minimized by establishing a meeting password and following a number of other suggestions from zoom to keep unwanted guests out. everydayhealth.com

  • see p. golenbock, american zoom (1993) and the last lap (2001); m. d. howell, from moonshine to madison avenue (1997); r. g. hagstrom, jr. the nascar way (2001); j. menzer, the wildest ride (2001); g. fielden and p. golenbock, the nascar encyclopedia (2003); j. macgregor, sunday money (2005); n. thompson, driving with the devil (2007); d. s. pierce, nascar (2010). factmonster.com

  • other favorite features of parents we talked to were the option to connect multiple cameras (up to four), and the ability of the camera to swivel and zoom so you can see everything (even the pacifier that your baby tossed out of the crib and is now screaming for at 2 a.m.). healthline.com

  • when i click on that, it brings up nationwide white, hispanic, black, asian. i am going to zoom into saint louis missouri, and as i zoom in closer, i type in saint louis up there, you are seeing the block group level predominant race data. it is predominant black, greater than 90 percent, predominant white, et cetera. overlaying schools, public schools, and their percent of student populations eligible for free or reduced lunch. that was 88 percent of the student body. next to it is about 39 percent of the student body. hhs.gov

  • the dji mavic 2 comes in two models - zoom and pro. the pro features a lavish 1-inch image sensor, capable of filming in up to 20 mp, 10-bit hdr video, and up to 12,800 iso. the zoom is not quite as elaborate while still filming at the respectable resolution of 12 megapixels. the zoom features a zoom lens, however, making it a great choice for achieving cinematic shots and effects. infoplease.com

  • the livestream also offers a “lobby” experience—a zoom room for meeting friends before and after the performance, and catching live discussions between farrin, fure and the ice musicians. you can also sample a short documentary about suzanne farrin and nacht, a window into the creative development of the piece, and the challenges of remote rehearsals and performances in a virtual music lab. loc.gov

  • topic: zoom call: managing non-profits time: jun 25, 2019 12:00 pm pacific time (us and canada) join zoom meeting https://zoom.us/j/231817831 one tap mobile +19292056099,,231817831# us (new york) +16699006833,,231817831# us (san jose) dial by your location +1 929 205 6099 us (new york) +1 669 900 6833 us (san jose) meeting id: 231 817 831 find your local number: https://zoom.us/u/adyctnancb mayoclinic.org

  • her hospital is also using facetime, skype, and zoom on tablets repurposed from administrative staff, equipped with childproof cases that can be wiped down between patients. patients not on mechanical ventilators can use the same technology to connect with families and for families to speak with nurses and their loved one's care team. medicinenet.com

  • "one is teaching patients how to use mindfulness to 'zoom into their pain,'" he notes. "for example, asking a patient to focus in and to break down the experience of pain into sensations of heat, or tightness, or tingling. and then to notice whether the pain has edges, whether it has a center, and to notice the spaces in between the sensations." medlineplus.gov

  • alternatively, the healthcare organization, zoom+, is going in a similar direction. touted by some as "the kaiser permanente of the 21st century without the baggage," zoom+ started as a chain of retail clinics. specifically, over the past decade they have been focused on creating "an integrated health system you can control with your phone." medpagetoday.com

  • #4 cat classes with dr. gary marshall on zoom are held every wednesday and friday. in these classes, dr. marshall discusses many important health issues affecting felines. some topics discussed previously include hyperthyroidism, diabetes, dentistry, dermatology, and more. you can access the link webinar in the bio of dr. marshall on instagram (@it.might.get.weird). merckmanuals.com

  • comparison of c2{4} obtained for two pt ranges of reference tracks as a function of ⟨nch(pt > 0.4 gev)⟩ for 5.02 tev and 13 tev pp collisions, and 5.02 tev p + pb collisions, and 2.76 tev pb +  pb collisions. the insets in the upper panels zoom in on the high-multiplicity data. the error bars and shaded boxes denote statistical and systematic uncertainties, respectively nih.gov