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  • from this optic, mazzetti zooms in on the natural tension that exists within the ic between the cia and other intelligence collectors. nowhere is this tension more marked than between the cia and the department of defense regarding the post-9/11 transformation of the cia from an organization with a primary focus on cold war intelligence collection to one directly involved in warfighting. clearly, mazzetti shares the opinion expressed in this book by former director of national intelligence admiral dennis blair: “going back to the history of cia covert operations, i think you can make the argument that if we had done none of them we would probably be better off, and certainly no worse off than we are today…” while there is much room for reasonable debate of this statement, mazzetti selects his research material on intelligence operations from 1979 to 2013 in large part to support blair’s viewpoint. cia.gov

  • when gilbert's wife (lesley manville) takes him to a japanese exhibition, the artist receives stereotypical 'inspiration' from the orient and brainstorms the mikado. topsy-turvy zooms in on the ups and downs of getting this work off the ground. musical interludes will be welcome to g&s fans and those with patience. for full enjoyment, some sympathy or interest in the famous pair is needed; if you've got that, it's a sure winner. infoplease.com

  • classic television: the monitor puts out a high pitched wail. the doctor reaches for the paddle. "everybody clear, i'm ready to shock." the patient bucks on the table; the camera zooms onto the monitor screen waiting to see the telltale sign of a regular heart beat. the heart starts beating, everybody cheers, and the patient wakens almost immediately. medicinenet.com

  • on one of many zoom meetings last week (has everyone else tried to be on 3 zooms at once?), our "outreach to high-risk patients" group was going over the criteria we've been working on to create a way to figure out who might need us in the weeks and months ahead. there are lots of entry criteria, such as age, social determinants of health, comorbidities, number of er visits in the past year, mental health diagnoses -- many of the things that we use to help us figure out that ethereal and imprecise definition of a "high-risk patient." medpagetoday.com