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relating to or exhibiting zoophilia; sexually attracted to animals.

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  • some fungi live only on human skin, hair, or nails. others live on animals and only sometimes are found on human skin. still others live in the soil. it is often difficult or impossible to identify the source of a particular person's skin fungus. the fungi may spread from person to person (anthropophilic), from animal to person (zoophilic), or from the soil to a person (geophilic). medicinenet.com

  • tinea capitis can be caused by a variety of dermatophyte fungi, which vary by geographical region. for example, trichophyton tonsurans is considered the most common cause of tinea capitis among children in the united states, but zoophilic dermatophyte fungi, such as microsporum canis from domesticated animals or anthropophilic dermatophyte fungi, such as microsporum audouinii, have been dominant pathogens elsewhere.2 zoophilic dermatophyte fungi such as m canis are also associated with greater inflammation relative to t tonsurans, which typically has a more indolent course. in nearly one-third of cases, adults who acquire t tonsurans infection from their children develop slight dandruff or no signs or symptoms. identifying the type of fungus through culture may be clinically useful. for example, the fungus type can suggest a source of infection, such as a child or animal, which should be tested and treated.1 medpagetoday.com