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  • reach va, part of the reach ii intervention sponsored by the national institute on aging and the national institute on nursing research, served stressed caregivers of people with alzheimer's or related dementia from 24 veterans' medical centers in 15 states (nichols, martindale-adams, burns, graney, & zuber, 2011). findings at 6 months from the reach va initiative found that problematic behaviors of care recipients with dementia decreased (goy, freeman, & kansagara, 2010). follow-up for reach va found that caregiver burden and depression decreased, as did time spent caregiving (goy, freeman, & kansagara, 2010). in addition, early findings from the reach va showed declines in inpatient, pharmacy, and outpatient costs (nichols et al., 2011). hhs.gov

  • "i was so oblivious to the danger i'd put myself in," zuber recalled. "the doctor, who was wearing birkenstock sandals and an earring, actually slapped me across the face -- not hard, but to get my attention." the doctor then explained to her a number of ways that alcohol could cause serious problems, or even death, for someone with type 1 diabetes. medicinenet.com