zygomatic Definitions


of, relating to, or located in the area of the zygoma.


the cheekbone

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  • according to a recent study published in the journal evolution and human behavior, you can tell someone is lying by looking at the movement of four specific facial muscles: the corrugator supercilii, which helps wrinkle the brow; the depressor anguli oris, which is associated with frowning; the zygomatic major, which is used to mask a smile; and the frontalis, which runs across your forehead. the first two indicate genuine emotion; the latter two suggest deception. everydayhealth.com

  • treatment may include a condylectomy if the ankylosis is intra-articular or an ostectomy of part of the ramus if the coronoid process and zygomatic arch are also affected. jaw-opening exercises must be done for months to years to maintain the surgical correction, but forced opening of the jaws without surgery is generally not indicated and is usually ineffective because of bony fusion. merckmanuals.com