zygomycosis Definitions


an infection by fungi of the class zygomycetes

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  • zygomycosis: a potentially fatal, dangerous infection that is caused by various fungi from the class zygomycetes. zygomycosis is seen most often in patients who are already ill with diseases that suppress the immune system, such as aids, burn patients, patients taking corticosteroids, and those with poorly controlled diabetes. if unchecked, the fungal infection can spread to the lungs and other organs, the blood, the eyes, and the brain. treatment involves controlling the underlying condition and attacking the infection with antifungal medications. medicinenet.com

  • mucormycosis (zygomycosis, also sometimes called phycomycosis) is a mycosis due to fungi of the order mucorales, including species of mucor, absidia, and rhizopus. this mycosis may develop in patients with poorly controlled diabetes. it is characterized by black, devitalized tissue in the nasal cavity and neurologic signs secondary to retrograde thromboarteritis in the carotid arterial system. merckmanuals.com