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an insoluble carbohydrate, obtained from the cell walls of yeast, used in the bioassay of blood serum

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  • cytokine production was performed by dilution of lithium heparinized whole blood 1:5 with rpmi medium into 96-well plates and activated by either single or costimulation with 10 μg/ml of phytohemagglutinin (sigma-aldrich, st louis, mo), 20 ng/ml interleukin (il) 12 (r&d systems, abingdon, u.k.), and β glucan or zymosan. supernatants were taken at 24 hours. cytokines were measured by using pelikine for interferon (ifn) γ (sanquin, amsterdam, the netherlands) and multiplex particle-based flow cytometry by using fluorokine map for il-17 (r&d systems, abingdon, u.k.). nih.gov