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  • what does that mean for these fatigued freaks of nature? along with about 30 percent of humans, vampires likely suffer some pretty hefty health problems due to insomnia. skimping on zzzs is tied to a number of symptoms — from higher levels of depression and heart problems to lower sex drive and energy. everydayhealth.com

  • do exercise regularly, but time it right. in general, regular exercise helps you fall asleep better and get more quality zzzs. but sleep experts suggest you save vigorous routines for the morning or afternoon instead of the evening. revving your heartbeat too close to bedtime might wind you up, instead of down. moderate-intensity exercise in the morning, on the other hand, promotes deep sleep. mayoclinic.org

  • not enough zzzs can also be hazardous. more than one-half of adult drivers -- some 100 million people -- say they have driven drowsy in the past year, according to nsf polls. about one out of five of these drivers -- 32 million people -- say they've fallen asleep while driving. medicinenet.com